University of Toronto Offers Two New Interdisciplinary
Masters Level Programs

In the spring of 2007, Professor Dimitrios Hatzinakos, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto, joined by colleagues from the faculties of Arts and Science and Information Studies, created a new initiative at the University of Toronto focusing on identity, privacy and security. The Identity, Privacy and Security Initiative (IPSI) was established to carry out a pioneering, interdisciplinary program of research, education, outreach, industry collaboration and technology transfer with emphasis on technology, policy and science.

The overall goal of IPSI is to develop new approaches to security that maintain the privacy, freedom and safety of the user and the broader community.
As a direct result of this initiative, the university launched two new interdisciplinary masters level Programs leading to either a Masters of Professional Engineering M.Eng, or a MISt (Masters of Information Studies with concentration on Security). Common seminars will allow students from the participating faculties to work together in the classroom and through team assignments. Undergraduate initiatives, research programs and outreach activities are also in development.

In September, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner, presented the inaugural lecture at the IPSI interdisciplinary program.

Cavoukian also was appointed as the Chair of the Advisory Council for IPSI.

"Given the commissioner's strong support over the past two decades for privacy-related research, education and innovation, we are delighted that Dr. Cavoukian has agreed to act as the Advisory Council Chair," said Dr. Tim McTiernan, Interim Vice-President, Research, at the University of Toronto.

"We feel that she is the ideal partner for this exciting initiative."

Cavoukian added, "In essence, the IPSI program will not only educate future generations on how to build privacy into technology, but it will also hopefully develop a ‘culture of privacy'—a way of thinking that is committed to better information management and the protection of privacy. Even the most advanced technologies and the most rigorous privacy policies will not be wholly effective if organizations do not accept the protection of privacy as part of their institutional culture."


  • To advance the integration of the basic, social and engineering science research required to generate sustainable solutions to identity integrity, privacy and security.
  • To assemble a cross-disciplinary community of researchers and community partners to create excellence in interdisciplinary research and education in the field of identity, privacy and security technologies, policies and sciences.
  • To provide interdisciplinary high level training in identity, privacy and security applications through state of the art educational programs and specializations that will bring together faculty and students from different disciplines to study and think together about identity, privacy and security and related technologies, policies and sciences.
  • To facilitate the commercialization of technologies through effective technology transfer mechanisms and industrial partnerships.
  • To work with policymakers and regulatory agencies to inform their judgment of identity, privacy and security realities with evidence based considerations of the scientific, ethical, legal and social issues involved.

IBM Introduces Data Masking Solution

IBM has announced the launch of a new Data Masking Solution that helps to protect critical data without disrupting customer service or product development. With these sophisticated Data Masking techniques, the solution is designed to transform data so that no sensitive information is exposed while allowing internal and external developers to perform software product design, development, testing and quality assurance.

Data Masking is the process of identifying sensitive data and overlaying values that "masks" the sensitive data, but does not compromise the functional integrity of an application. Today, data masking is accomplished manually by companies' technical subject matter experts. The task needs to be repeated as large companies have hundreds of business applications that are all tightly integrated. IBM's Data Masking Solution can execute this masking process in a timely and cost-effective way across the enterprise.

"The new Data Masking solution can help companies take advantage of internal and external talent and resources available around the world, and enhance the security and privacy of critical data," said Martin Marut, Partner, IBM Global Business Services, in a news release. "Our solution can help improve the development and testing processes by making available real data, yet doing this in such a way that protects the integrity and privacy associated with highly sensitive information."

More information on IBM's Data Masking Solution is available at

HP Offers New Secure Advantage Portfolio
HP recently unveiled a new security offering to protect data, resources and validate regulatory compliance across the entire IT infrastructure—from the desktop to the data center.

The HP Secure Advantage portfolio of servers, storage, software and services helps customers securely share information, improve identity management and compliance controls, ensure business continuity and defend against network attacks.

"HP has been protecting the majority of the world's financial transactions for the past 35 years by safeguarding ATM and point-of-sale networks, credit card information and electronic funds transfers," said Scott Stallard, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Storage and Servers, HP. "HP Secure Advantage delivers integrated security into heterogeneous IT infrastructures to help customers of all sizes optimize business outcomes."

The HP Secure Advantage portfolio provides a secure, identity-driven audit trail for policy monitoring and enforcement. It covers all aspects of security—people, processes and technology—to help enterprise customers safeguard intellectual property, reduce revenue losses, minimize disruption to the business and deliver cost-effective validation with proof of compliance.

Justine Gottshall Named to ‘40 Under Forty Attorneys to Watch' List

Wildman Harrold Partner Justine Gottshall, CIPP, has been named one of the 2007 "40 Illinois Attorneys Under Forty to Watch" by the Law Bulletin Publishing Company. Hundreds of nominees for Law Bulletin's eighth annual "40 Under Forty" listing were evaluated based on their career achievements, how far they had risen within their respective fields, and their contributions to the community.

Gottshall has been at the forefront of addressing privacy and marketing issues. She also has vast experience in dealing with the legal issues created by new technologies such as online programming, interactive Web sites and Internet phones. A partner in Wildman Harrold's Intellectual Property Department since 2004, she works closely with clients in the entertainment media, technology, advertising and promotion, and consumer product industries.

Law Bulletin reports that Gotshall's clients call her "one of the best" in a rapidly expanding field, solving legal issues encountered by companies launching "new media" initiatives.

"As a firm we pride ourselves in providing opportunities for young attorneys to grow and develop expertise, so that they can take on increasingly significant responsibilities and establish leadership roles in their fields of interest," said Robert Shuftan, Managing Partner of Wildman Harrold. "Justine's many professional accomplishments on behalf of her clients, coupled with her in-depth knowledge and contribution in this developing tech-savvy area of law made her an outstanding candidate for the Law Bulletin's 40 Under Forty recognition. We congratulate her on this honor."

EpicTide Projects 300 Percent Revenue Growth for 2007

EpicTide, specializing in privacy and security auditing for health information systems, has announced that based on its current run rate, the company expects to report in excess of 300 percent revenue growth in 2007. EpicTide has recently acquired major healthcare customers in every region of the United States. EpicTide's customer base now includes some of the nation's largest and most prominent healthcare organizations.

EpicTide's growth has come from healthcare's adoption of EpicTide FairWarning as a non-invasive solution for conducting privacy auditing across all of an organization's applications and systems. Privacy auditing across healthcare applications has been an ongoing, unaddressed challenge for organizations of all sizes.

"EpicTide is excited to be a part of ensuring patient information safety through privacy and security auditing. Patient information safety is growing in importance to overall patient safety, evidenced by our growing customer list and visible support from some of healthcare's most prominent thought leaders," said Kurt Long, CEO and founder of EpicTide. "EpicTide is a young, focused company. Our revenue growth, customer focus, and the fact that we are on track for cash flow positive operations in 2007, gives our customers a company they can rely on for their privacy and security auditing needs."


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