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(Apr 23, 2015) The Law Council has said a bill to “increase the powers of the immigration department to collect biometric identifiers” should not be passed without an assessment by the privacy commissioner, Computerworld reports. Appearing before a Senate inquiry into the Migration Amendment (Strengthening Biometrics Integrity) Bill 2015, Law Council Privacy Law Committee Chair Olga Ganopolsky noted, “This has the potential to impact on the travel and privacy of citizens who might not be suspected of contraven... Read More

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U.S. FCC Unveils Joins APPA

(Apr 23, 2015) In two separate press releases, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced its agenda for an upcoming workshop on broadband consumer privacy and news that it joined the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA). On 28 April, the FCC will host a public workshop on consumer broadband privacy and will feature two panels—one covering the privacy implications of broadband Internet access services, the other on the application of Section 222 of the Communications Act to broadband I... Read More

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No Record-Sharing Breaches Reported

(Apr 23, 2015) reports that since the Canterbory District Health Board rolled out its system to share health records, no breaches have occurred. “Nearly 500 instances of Canterbury health professionals accessing patient medical records have been reviewed since the country's first online health database was launched, but all were found to be legitimate queries,” the report states. Meanwhile, a separate report from examines the privacy policy for Semble, a new app that turns mobile phones into credit or debit cards. Read More

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Smartphone Fingerprint Flaw Uncovered

(Apr 23, 2015) Security researchers have said they’ve found a flaw in Samsung’s S5 smartphone that allows hackers to use copies of a user’s fingerprints to unlock the phone, BBC News reports. The flaw found in Android-based phones and uncovered by security firm FireEye, makes it possible to capture the biometric data before it’s locked away securely, according to researchers Yulong Zhang and Tao Wei. Samsung said it takes security “very seriously” and is looking into the findings. Zhang and Wei are slated to present their research on Friday at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA. Read More

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Vixie: Privacy Debate May Change Internet as We Know It

(Apr 22, 2015) In the second of a two-part interview with Information Security Media Group, CEO of Farsight Security and founding member of ICANN Paul Vixie discusses the future of the Internet. “Turns out the people who thought that independence, freedom and privacy were good things, and transparency—especially transparency of government action—would be facilitated by the Internet, were wrong,” he says, predicting growth of encryption technologies. Vixie says “perfect forward secrecy” is what’s coming. “It’s where most of the tricks that the governments have been relying on are going to stop working. We're going to see both sides bending toward extremism and bouncing back, and I think we are at least 10 years away from discovering a happy medium.” Read More

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Privacy Compliance Tool Released by Nymity

(Apr 22, 2015) Nymity has announced a new privacy compliance tool to help privacy offices “optimize” privacy. Nymity Research aggregates compliance developments to help organizations meet requirements, helps report to organization stakeholders and minimizes compliance risk. Nymity President and Founder Terry McQuay, CIPM, CIPP/C, CIPP/E, CIPP/G, CIPP/US, said, it “is the next generation compliance solution for privacy officers” and will help save “time and introduce new concepts such as push knowledge, monthly pre-configured employee newsletters, pre-configured management reports, privacy officer training and on-demand chat supported by former privacy officers.” Read More

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Research Unveils HTTPS-Crippling Bug

(Apr 21, 2015) Ars Technica reports approximately 1,500 iPhone and iPad apps include a bug that makes HTTPS encryption vulnerable, providing a way for adversaries to obtain encrypted passwords, bank account numbers and other sensitive information. The bug was uncovered by researchers last month and stems from a legacy version of an open-sourced code library called AFNetworking. The library allows developers to drop networking capabilities directly into their apps. AFNetworking has provided a patch, but not all... Read More

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On the Need for Better Data Visualization Tools

(Apr 21, 2015) Corporate networks are getting more complex, making it more difficult for security professionals to defend them against cyberattacks, The Wall Street Journal reports, and increasing the need for better data visualization programs. Too much time is spent looking at lines of code, and vendors have offered some visual solutions. “Unfortunately, they’re still circa 1998,” said Creative Solutions in Healthcare Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer Shawn Wiora. “Security is ... Read More

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Roundup: South America, the EU, U.S. and More

(Apr 20, 2015) The U.S. federal government is considering a host of cybersecurity and breach bills while states are pushing forward legislation that includes strengthening breach notification in Washington, increasing DNA collection in Colorado, regulating private drone use in Florida and limiting the retention of surveillance data in Virginia. In Brazil, the consultation period for the country’s draft data protection law has been extended, and in Argentina, there are new regulations on CCTV and do-not-call sanctions. In the EU, there’s been lots of talk about the proposed regulation—when it’s coming, what it will look like and how to prepare. Read about all this and more in this week’s Privacy Tracker legislative roundup. (IAPP member login required.) Read More

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Why Data Localization Is a Bad Idea

(Apr 20, 2015) As the Internet continues to grow around the world, several countries have toyed with, or even passed, data localization laws, the most well-known case being Russia’s law, which goes into effect this September. "While data localization has most recently and dramatically come to prominence in the form of Russian data localization legislation, at bottom it is a global issue,” writes Hunton & Williams Partner Manuel Maisog. In this post for Privacy Perspectives, Maisog discusses a recent American Chamber of Commerce report on data flows between the U.S. and China, and how data localization laws could have detrimental effects not only on data flows and information security but on innovation in China as well. Read More

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