(Jul 2, 2015) A survey has found that about half of Australians expect a government agency or telecommunications provider will suffer a breach of their personal data within the next 12 months. Unisys conducted the survey of 1,210 adult Australians asking the consumers how likely they believe it would be for organizations to suffer a breach of their personal data in the next year, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. Fifty-eight percent said they expect a breach at a telco provider within the next year. “Governm... Read More

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Experts: Drone Legislation Please

(Jul 2, 2015) As unmanned aircraft popularity burgeons, concerned parties like the New Zealand Privacy Commission and even drone experts believe that regulations like those due to be released next month are necessary, One News reports. Currently, drones fall under “model aircraft legislation,” which merely controls aircrafts’ speed and when the machine is flight-eligible but doesn’t yet address things like surveillance. "This is a form of technology that may need some form of licensing ... maybe at the point of sale, so at least there is a minimal policing of this technology," one privacy expert said. Read More

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ACMA Gives Phone Company Stern Warning; Pilgrim Investigating iiNet Breach

(Jul 2, 2015) The Southern Phone Company has drawn a “stern warning” from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) over a privacy breach involving more than 3,800 of its customers, ITWire reports. In a finding released this week, the ACMA said Southern Phone Company “inadvertently removed the silent number classification from the records of 3.854 of its silent line customers when uploading data to the Integrated Public Number Database,” the report states. And in another incident, Australian Pr... Read More

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Nandkumar Saravade Named DSCI CEO

(Jul 2, 2015) The Data Security Council of India (DSCI) has named Nandkumar Saravade its new CEO, DaijiWorld reports. The DSCI, which is described as the “premier industry organization on data protection in India,” was previously led by Rama Vedashree. Saravade has a long history in privacy, the report states, “until recently working as an independent advisor on fraud and security to Ernst & Young and ICICI Bank.” Previously, the report notes, “he was the South Asia head of security, investigation and vigilance function for Citibank.” Read More

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Uber Privacy Policy Under Fire

(Jul 2, 2015) Uber’s updated privacy policy has elicited ire, 9 News reports, with critics worried about Uber’s ability to “collect, access, and track” information from users’ phones and social media accounts and pass on the information to advertisers. "It's a corporation trying to justify practices that are one step too far," RMIT University’s Mark Gregory said. Taxi companies, which have long viewed Uber as a nemesis, also expressed frustration. “People should be concerned by this; I think people should be ... Read More

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Hackers Joining Growing Security Industry

(Jul 2, 2015) As the Chinese government makes overtures to embrace data security in an effort to protect its economic growth and online presence, computer experts are joining fledgling data security companies in droves. These white-hats hackers, however, admit that compared to the U.S., Chinese cybersecurity—and even “black hat” online presence—has a long way to go, reports. Zhang Tianqi, the CTO at a Shanghai-based cybersecurity firm, calls this boon a “trend of China taking information security very seriously,” adding, however, that when “measured up against the American giants, the level of their hacks, their data security, the scale and the harm they can do is all much greater." Read More

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UN To Appoint Special Rapporteur for Privacy Tomorrow

(Jul 2, 2015) The United Nation’s Human Rights Council (HRC) will tomorrow announce its appointment for a special rapporteur on the right to privacy. President of the Human Rights Council Joachim Ruecker announced yesterday that the HRC’s Consultative Group ranked first Katrin Nyman-Metcalf of Estonia, though “concerns were raised as to whether she was the best qualified candidate for this specific position.” As such, Ruecker recommends for the job the Consultative Group’s second-rank pick, Joseph Cannataci o... Read More

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Bellamy and Heyder on Moving Beyond Consent

(Jul 2, 2015) Consent is a foundational aspect of information privacy, one upon which many data protection and privacy laws around the world are based, and one which provides a modicum of control to individuals. “But is consent really the best and only way in the modern Information Age to provide meaningful control and to protect the individual?” Bojana Bellamy, CIPP/E, and Markus Heyder, both of Hunton & Williams, ask in this post for Privacy Perspectives. In it, they argue that consent is not necessarily the “best or only way to empower individuals in this day” and provide three reasons and a host of complimentary tools organizations can use to broaden individual control and organizational accountability. Read More

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Ello: Users’ Bill of Rights Should Apply to All Social Media

(Jul 2, 2015) Social networking side Ello has released a “Bill of Rights” with 10 articles to “serve as guiding principles for Ello” that the company believes “should extend to other companies,” International Business Times reports. “These rights would give users the ability to turn off data tracking … allow users to retain full control and ownership of posted content … the option to use a pseudonym and limit what personal information is required … and access to terms and conditions written in simple language,” the report states. "We believe these are the basic rights of every social media user in the world, on every social network," Ello CEO Paul Budnitz said. Read More

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New Security Legislation Has Companies Worried

(Jul 1, 2015) The Chinese government’s newly minted National Security Law “calls for strengthened management over the web and tougher measures against online attacks, theft of secrets and the spread of illegal or harmful information,” the Associated Press reports. “Externally speaking, the country must defend its sovereignty, as well as security and development interests, and ... it must also maintain political security and social stability," a spokeswoman said. “Companies worry that (the legislation) could undermine their ability to send encrypted emails or operate the kind of private corporate networks commonly used to secure communications,” the report states. Read More

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