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(Mar 27, 2015) From previous remarks in this space, you know I feel strongly about the need to have a proper debate and analysis of Bill C-51. That being said, I think I’ll spare everyone, and keep my shirt on, thank you very much. Kudos to those willing to bare it all this week in an effort to get their message across …  In the news this week—apart from the story of the enthusiastic protestor—is another stern warning by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner to do things properly, especially if you’re a busi... Read More

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Breaches at Record High; OIPC Calls for Prosecution

(Mar 27, 2015) Privacy breaches by the federal government are at “an all-time high,” Ottawa Citizen reports. According to data for six government departments, there were 5,237 privacy breaches reported in 2014—“almost as many as had been reported in the previous 11-year period,” the report states. Meanwhile, CBC reports on instances in Newfoundland and Labrador of sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands, and of a case of patient privacy violations through the use of an information screen in Prince Ed... Read More

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Point/Counterpoint on Bill C-51; Connected Cars Spark Concerns

(Mar 27, 2015) The Muse features a point-counterpoint by Michael Sullivan and Varsha Devika Carpen on the privacy implications of Bill C-51. Carpen writes that Bill C-51 is needed to help the government identify and stop terrorists, but “it should be amended to better respect the privacy and freedoms of Canadians.” Sullivan, meanwhile, writes, “In reality, the only people whose freedom it threatens are those who aspire to harm Canadian citizens.” Meanwhile, a study released by the British Columbia Freedom of I... Read More

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Should Homicide Victims’ Names Be Public?

(Mar 27, 2015) In a Calgary Herald column, Paula Simons calls for the Alberta RCMP to release the names of homicide victims. “To have a loved one slain is indeed a terrible thing for a grieving family,” Simons writes, “But murder is not a private family affair.” Citing the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s Valerie Lawton, Simons notes that while privacy rights last 20 years after death, “Lawton says federal privacy law allows government agencies, including the RCMP, to release information when the public interest clearly outweighs any invasion of privacy.” Simons contends: “Solving murders? Protecting the community? Safeguarding the integrity of the justice system? Those are pretty compelling public interests.” Read More

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Yakobovich on the Power of Surveillance for Good

(Mar 26, 2015) Videre founder Oren Yakobovich is a former Israeli soldier who decided, upon service, that he was more interested in "breaking the traditional power structures between citizens and government" by empowering oppressed people through the use of video documentation. By quite literally watching the watchers, civil rights abuses have been documented and change has been enacted. He used his keynote address at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit to talk about his efforts and explore the ways in which surveillance can be a force for good. Read More

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A Privacy Engineer’s View of Cryptocurrency

(Mar 26, 2015) As cryptocurrency continues its slow progress in the online financial world, there is still a lot mystery as to how it works and whether it will be a viable answer to the future of financial transactions. “While not perfect, Bitcoin represents an improvement, from a privacy perspective, over the ‘disco-era’ financial system currently in use,” writes Enterprivacy Consulting Group Privacy Engineer R. Jason Cronk, CIPP/US, CIPM. In this post for Privacy Tech, Cronk provides some background on this burgeoning technology and compares the current and potential financial systems through the lens of the “Solove Taxonomy” of privacy harms to demonstrate a privacy-risk analysis of both systems. Read More

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The EU’s Plan for a New Digital Single Market

(Mar 26, 2015) The Wall Street Journal reports on Europe’s plan to compete with the U.S. and Asia in the Digital Age. European manufacturers and legislators “hope that by a combination of investment into connected devices and tough data protection and competition rules that curb the U.S. tech firms, Europe’s economy will have a fighting chance against rivals from other regions,” the report states. “As we successfully did in aerospace and automotive technologies, the EU will be a digital world player,” said EU ... Read More

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OPC Cautions Websites: “Tread Carefully”

(Mar 26, 2015) The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) has released its list of 10 tips for protecting children’s online privacy following an investigation that highlighted the need for “better, age-appropriate information and involvement of adults in privacy decisions.” Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien noted, “Websites targeted at young children must tread carefully.” The tips have been compiled from the findings in a few OPC investigations related to young people and their online privacy and involve... Read More

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Survey: Hold CEOs Responsible for Breaches

(Mar 26, 2015) Websense has released its recent survey of 102 international security professionals from this year’s e-Crime Congress, and nearly all of them—98 percent—“believe that the law should address serious data breaches that expose consumers’ data loss through punishments such as fines, mandatory disclosure and compensation for consumers’ affected,” Firstpost reports, with 16 percent even advocating “arrest and jail sentence for the CEO or board members.” Additionally, 70 percent said CEOs “should hold ultimate responsibility should a breach arise. And the pressure is mounting, as 93 percent of all respondents believe the advent of the Internet of Things will make companies even more vulnerable to data theft,” the report states. Read More

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Start-Up Records Network Activity; Most IT Pros Trust Cloud Providers

(Mar 25, 2015) PCWorld reports on a new product from security start-up ProtectWise, which has developed a platform to provide security professionals with a yearlong recording of all activities on a given network. The goal of ProtectWise’s Cloud Network DVR is to detect potential data breach threats. “We like to use the analogy of a camera, because it’s software that can be massively distributed that is always recording,” said CEO Scott Chasin. “It’s that level of visibility that is missing from the industry.” ... Read More

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