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With an eye on the issues impacting you—especially the European data protection regulation—this is where you’ll find the knowledge and how-to skills you need to prepare your organisation to succeed in 2015.

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Expert Keynotes

What’s top of mind for today’s thought leaders? Come find out.

John Bowman

Senior Principal, Promontory Financial Group

Former lead negotiator for the UK on the proposed EU General Data Protection Regulation

Jan Clements

Media Law Specialist and Senior Legal Adviser, Guardian News & Media Limited

Anna Fielder

Trustee and Chair, Privacy International

Consumer policy advocate and expert

Ben Hammersley

Author, Artist and Futurist

Explore the extreme effects of the digital and networked world on business, society and everyday life.

Rosemary Jay

Senior Attorney, Hunton & Williams

Former head of the Legal Office of the UK Data Protection Registrar (now the Information Commissioner)

Baroness Sarah Ludford

House of Lords

Dara Murphy

Minister of State, the Departments of An Taoiseach and Foreign Affairs and Trade with special Responsibility for European Affairs and Data Protection

Julia Powles

House of Lords

Max Sorensen, CIPP/E

Corporate Counsel – Data Privacy Officer, LEGO

Discover the Hot Topics

Just added: Assistant EDPS Wojciech Wiewiórowski

With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility

Explore the privacy challenges and emerging best practices in the world of big data, and assess them against the expectations of regulators and lawmakers.

Making Privacy-driven Innovation Possible

Learn how you can showcase privacy practices as an enabler to facilitate and enhance innovation.

The First 500 Days: Experiences of a New CISO for a Worldwide Research and Development Organisation

Get a fresh look at how a major R&D organisation is functioning, including existing infosec issues and gaps.

Will the Right to Be Forgotten Be Guaranteed in 2015?

Examine the application and practical consequences of the judgment of the RTBF.

Dual Certification: A Firsthand Perspective on the Interoperability of APEC CBPRs and EU BCRs

Move beyond theory and explore in detail how businesses are incorporating both types of certification into data governance strategies.

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