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(Mar 26, 2015) Greetings from Brussels! There appears to be much being said in the coffee bars and corridors of Brussels on matters digital. This last week has seen a number of announcements receiving a good deal of media attention, all of which have significant implications in the area of international data flows. On the one hand, EU officials have confirmed that negotiations on the free flow of data could be considered as part of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), but only after a... Read More

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Garante Issues Consultation on Draft Code of Conduct

(Mar 26, 2015) Italy’s Data Protection Authority, the Garante, published the notice of the launch of a public consultation on the draft of the "code of conduct and professional practice applying to the processing of personal data carried out for commercial information purposes" on 19 February. In this Global Privacy Dispatch for The Privacy Advisor, NCTM Studio Legale Associato Partner Rocco Panetta explains, “The aim of this consultation is to acquire contributions and proposals by all stakeholders on the draft code, including trade associations representing the relevant industries.” Read More

Europe Data Protection Digest

CNIL Granting Single Decision to Groups Adopting BCRS

(Mar 26, 2015) France’s Data Protection Authority, the CNIL, has announced it “will grant a single decision (autorisation unique) to each group that adopted BCR (or francophone BCR),” noting, “group entities subject to compliance with the French Data Protection Act will no longer have to apply for each transfer outside of the European Union to be granted an authorisation.” Groups will instead file a “compliance commitment” through the CNIL’s website, and once compliance commitments are complete, “controllers will have to keep an up-to-date list of each transfer, which shall be communicated to CNIL upon request,” the report states. Read More

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Parliament Considering Breach Notification Law; Companies May Delete Data

(Mar 26, 2015) The Upper House of Parliament is considering a draft law to require the reporting of breaches of personal data, Telecompaper reports, and several of the country’s parties are in favor of the plan. In a separate report, Telecompaper notes that “Dutch communications providers are no longer subject to data retention requirements and can delete all existing data held, according to a statement from the justice minister to Parliament.” The minister also advised that any information “not needed for the business should be destroyed,” the report states. Read More

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NSW Launches Privacy Portal; UAuckland Event Announced

(Mar 26, 2015) The NSW Information and Privacy Commission has launched an e-learning portal “to help organisations in the state deal with privacy complaint handling and other privacy issues,” Computerworld reports. The free portal provides access to privacy complaint-handling and access training for decision-makers. The launch follows NSW Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Coombs’ remarks at a recent iappANZ event about organisations needing “to establish a culture of privacy and risk management,” the report state... Read More

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Registered Teachers List Should Be Disclosed

(Mar 26, 2015) The Standard reports that Ombudsman Connie Lau Yin-hing has said the list of registered teachers should be made available for public inspection. Her remark follows an investigation of “an Education Bureau refusal to disclose the registration status of teachers.” Lau said, “Whether teachers are registered is indeed of interest to all schools, students and parents," adding, “the bureau should respect the public's right to access such information and strive to open up the list.” The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data supports the ombudsman's review, noting the ordinance is "not a straitjacket which prohibits disclosure of personal data in all circumstances." Read More

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Yakobovich on the Power of Surveillance for Good

(Mar 26, 2015) Videre founder Oren Yakobovich is a former Israeli soldier who decided, upon service, that he was more interested in "breaking the traditional power structures between citizens and government" by empowering oppressed people through the use of video documentation. By quite literally watching the watchers, civil rights abuses have been documented and change has been enacted. He used his keynote address at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit to talk about his efforts and explore the ways in which surveillance can be a force for good. Read More

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With Tech and Democracy, Will Privacy Survive?

(Mar 26, 2015) Last month, the University of California-Hastings held a conference with tech leaders, CEOs and federal regulators to discuss how best to use technology in the democratic process. “The Future of Technology & Democracy” conference included several technologists—including from Google, Facebook and Twitter—to educate and inform representatives from the Federal Elections Commission and the Federal Communications Commission. “Significantly,” writes Prof. Timothy Yim, CIPP/US, CIPM, CI... Read More

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