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(Apr 16, 2015) While acknowledging it might be a little early in the game to start any kind of meaningful pragmatic planning, panelists spanning various sectors used their session at the IAPP Europe Data Protection Intensive Wednesday to give privacy pros some practical tips on “How To Implement the Data Protection Regulation in Practice,” taking educated guesses on how certain portions of the regulation will come to reality. Read More

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Five Questions for Your Marketing Department

(Apr 16, 2015) As part of a larger presentation here at the IAPP Europe Data Protection Intensive in London, a particular slide caught the attention of attendees. The panel’s focus was on “Transparency in Marketing,” but in many ways it all seemed to boil down to a couple of basic questions: Is what your marketing department is doing transparent to the privacy team? Is what your marketing department is doing transparent to your customers? And the way to get the answers to those questions popped up on a slid... Read More

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Ireland’s Murphy: Growth Won’t Come From EU Protectionism

(Apr 16, 2015) Irish Minister for European Affairs and Data Protection Dara Murphy used his keynote address at the IAPP Europe Data Protection Intensive to emphasize and acknowledge the important role data protection now plays and will increasingly play in Europe.Growth certainly isn’t going to come from European protectionism, and the effort shouldn’t be put toward treating American companies like they’re “bad” companies. Read More

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The EU Reg Is Coming; What Will It Look Like?

(Apr 15, 2015) While the final form of the General Data Protection Regulation remains somewhat a mystery, one thing’s for sure: It is coming. Such was the message of a keynote panel at the Data Protection Intensive in London. Thus, the panelists focused on peering into their crystal balls and giving attendees insight on what they ought to be preparing for. Read More

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Lindsey Greig, Founder of DataGuidance, 1951-2015

(Apr 13, 2015) Lindsey Greig, the founder of global compliance service DataGuidance and the Data Protection Intensive that begins tomorrow, died this weekend at the age of 63. Greig served as DataGuidance’s chief executive officer until March of this year. A long-time member of the privacy community, he spoke frequently on privacy and data protection issues, including many IAPP events, and was a Fellow of the Ponemon Institute. In addition, he was managing director of Cecile Park Publishing Ltd., which start... Read More

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FTC v. Wyndham: Has the FTC Declared Unreasonable Security “Unfair”?

(Apr 10, 2015) In the latest installment of the FTC v. Wyndham case, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals is set to determine the scope of the agency’s authority over unfair trade practices in the arena of cybersecurity. On March 27, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Wyndham Worldwide Corp. filed supplemental briefings in the Third Circuit presenting arguments on whether the FTC has declared that unreasonable cybersecurity practices are unfair, and, assuming the FTC has not determined that unreasonable cybe... Read More

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FCC Fines AT&T $25m for Data Privacy Lapse; Who Will Be Next?

(Apr 9, 2015) The events that led to the FCC imposing the largest-ever fine for data privacy violations on AT&T read a bit like a James Patterson novel. For more than six months in late 2013 and early 2014, three employees of a Mexican call center with systems maintained and operated by AT&T, and subject to the company’s data security practices, used their login credentials to access customer accounts and grab names and the last four digits of Social Security numbers so that online requests for cellu... Read More

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How Social Networking Tools Can Be Dangerous for Those Needing Anonymity

(Apr 8, 2015) For most, using social networking sites to scope out jobs or make professional connections isn’t risky in a personal safety sense, but at a time when technology is growing more pervasive and most social media and employment sites collect and display location information, it can be extremely difficult for domestic abuse victims. "While victims may choose to leave their hometowns or home states in hopes of starting a new life, they’re unlikely to succeed if their abusers are determined to find them and are able to do so by using publicly available tracking methods," Maria Rabinovitch writes. Read More

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Facebook Facing Increased Scrutiny in EU; WP29 Now Involved

(Apr 3, 2015) A KU Leuven report commissioned by the Belgian data protection authority on Facebook’s data collection practices, released in two parts, first in February and then just this past week, has created a great deal of attention. On Tuesday, The Guardian ran a story with the headline, “Facebook ‘Tracks all Visitors, Breaching EU Law’.” On Wednesday, the BBC followed up with “Facebook Hits Back at Data Use Privacy Criticisms.” However, it’s possible the biggest news created by the reports has yet to land. Read More

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