Dara Murphy: Ireland Is Up To the Data Protection Task

Irish Minister of State for Data Protection Dara Murphy addressed the IAPP's Data Protection Intensive in London, focusing on Ireland's role as the lead data protection authority to many of the world's largest digital companies and arguing against protectionism in the EU's data protection and digital policies. Will Ireland be able to staff an office capable of regulating the behemoths of the Internet Age? Murphy said it's his job to find a way.

Last Week Tonight Tackles Government Surveillance [Warning: Explicit Language]

This week, HBO's comedy-news program Last Week Tonight, hosted by John Oliver, tackled the topic of government surveillance, interviewing Edward Snowden from his location in Russia. This video is the entire 30-minute program. The Snowden interview starts around the 16-minute mark. And, fair warning: Oliver likes to swear a lot and use other language that might not be appropriate for the work environment (depending on where you work). 

Benkler, Hathaway, Nye, Schneier, Watson, Zittrain talk Data and Goliath at Berkman

Harvard Berkman Fellow and Resilient Systems CTO Bruce Schneier believes we now live in a mass surveillance society of our own making, as we've traded the data that allows us to be constantly tracked in exchange for convenience and services. But, he argues, we don't have to. In his new book, Data and Goliath, he offers suggestions for reforming surveillance-based business models and the systems of government surveillance, and offers consumers ways to step outside surveillance culture. 

In this video of a recent discussion at the Berkman Center, Schneier explores these themes with Berkman co-founder Jonathan Zittrain, Berkman co-director Yochai Benkler, former Dean of the Kennedy School of Government Joe Nye, Berkman Fellow Sara Watson and cyber security advisor Melissa Hathaway. 

See more details on the event here.

Videre's Oren Yakobovich on Empowering People With Surveillance

Videre founder Oren Yakobovich is a former Israeli soldier who decided, upon service, that he was more interested in "breaking the traditional power structures between citizens and government" by empowering oppressed people through the use of video documentation. By quite literally watching the watchers, civil rights abuses have been documented and change has been enacted. He used his keynote address at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit to talk about his efforts and explore the ways in which surveillance can be a force for good. 

Sarah Lewis to Summit Attendees: Privacy Breeds Innovation

At the IAPP Global Privacy Summit, in Washington, DC, keynoter Sarah Lewis, author of The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery, makes the case to collected privacy professionals that a private space is vital to innovation and creativity, and that it is only when people have a safe place to fail that they are eventually able to truly succeed.

Google General Counsel Kent Walker Tells IAPP Crowd: "Protecting Privacy Is Tough"

At the IAPP Global Privacy Summit, Google General Counsel Kent Walker used his keynote address to talk about the fine line Google must walk between delivering new and innovative products and services and protecting the privacy of their users. From the Right to be Forgotten in the EU to new products like Google Glass and Google Now to government requests for user data, Google is constantly making difficult decisions about user data.

Glenn Greenwald Addresses the 2015 IAPP Global Privacy Summit

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who broke the Edward Snowden revelations about U.S. government access to citizen data, addressed the 2015 IAPP Global Privacy Summit. He spoke to the responsibility held by privacy officers in the Digital Age, his experiences with Snowden himself and why government access to data (their goal, he notes, is to "collect it all") is an issue of democracy above all else.

U.S. Dept. of Education Releases Educator Training Video

This U.S. Department of Education teacher training video, released Feb. 26, 2015, "is aimed at helping K-12 school officials to better protect student privacy while using online educational services and applications." Intended for use during teacher in-service days or professional development meetings, the video offers a short summary of the major privacy issues and provides examples to help educators and administrators identify which online educational services and applications are privacy-friendly and which may expose student data to improper use and disclosure.

FTC's Julie Brill and CNIL's Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin Discuss the US-EU Privacy Divide at DPC14

At the IAPP's Data Protection Congress 2014, held in Brussels, FTC Commissioner Julie Brill and CNIL President Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin discussed the US-EU privacy divide in a keynote discussion moderated by Covington & Burling's Henriette Thielemans. The discussion was wide-ranging, touching on the Internet of Things, big data, Safe Harbor and where there are both differences and commonalities in the way the U.S. and EU view privacy and privacy enforcement.