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(Mar 26, 2015) Videre founder Oren Yakobovich is a former Israeli soldier who decided, upon service, that he was more interested in "breaking the traditional power structures between citizens and government" by empowering oppressed people through the use of video documentation. By quite literally watching the watchers, civil rights abuses have been documented and change has been enacted. He used his keynote address at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit to talk about his efforts and explore the ways in which surveillance can be a force for good. Read More

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With Tech and Democracy, Will Privacy Survive?

(Mar 26, 2015) Last month, the University of California-Hastings held a conference with tech leaders, CEOs and federal regulators to discuss how best to use technology in the democratic process. “The Future of Technology & Democracy” conference included several technologists—including from Google, Facebook and Twitter—to educate and inform representatives from the Federal Elections Commission and the Federal Communications Commission. “Significantly,” writes Prof. Timothy Yim, CIPP/US, CIPM, CI... Read More

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AG Seeks Tougher Breach Law

(Mar 26, 2015) Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum wants her state’s data breach notification law strengthened. She says that since the law was written in 2007, there’s been a dramatic increase in the retention of biometric information, which “presents a particularly serious kind of breach.” Back then, you only needed your fingerprint scanned for jobs such as working at the Pentagon. Now, we use the same scans to unlock our phones. In this exclusive for The Privacy Advisor, Divonne Smoyer, CIPP/US, and Christine Czuprynski talk to Rosenblum about her efforts, her work in privacy—including her focus on protecting children online—and her thoughts on the Obama administration’s recently proposed Personal Data Notification & Protection Act. Read More

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A Privacy Engineer’s View of Cryptocurrency

(Mar 26, 2015) As cryptocurrency continues its slow progress in the online financial world, there is still a lot mystery as to how it works and whether it will be a viable answer to the future of financial transactions. “While not perfect, Bitcoin represents an improvement, from a privacy perspective, over the ‘disco-era’ financial system currently in use,” writes Enterprivacy Consulting Group Privacy Engineer R. Jason Cronk, CIPP/US, CIPM. In this post for Privacy Tech, Cronk provides some background on this burgeoning technology and compares the current and potential financial systems through the lens of the “Solove Taxonomy” of privacy harms to demonstrate a privacy-risk analysis of both systems. Read More

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FTC Chimes In on “Mergers and Privacy Promises”

(Mar 26, 2015) In a blog post for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Jamie Hine discusses how companies should keep the privacy promises made prior to a merger or acquisition. The post comes shortly after concerns that RadioShack is set to sell millions of consumers’ personal information to the highest bidder after declaring bankruptcy, even though it had promised not to do so previously. “The commission recognizes that to innovate and keep pace in today’s economy, businesses may acquire other companies or se... Read More

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The EU’s Plan for a New Digital Single Market

(Mar 26, 2015) The Wall Street Journal reports on Europe’s plan to compete with the U.S. and Asia in the Digital Age. European manufacturers and legislators “hope that by a combination of investment into connected devices and tough data protection and competition rules that curb the U.S. tech firms, Europe’s economy will have a fighting chance against rivals from other regions,” the report states. “As we successfully did in aerospace and automotive technologies, the EU will be a digital world player,” said EU ... Read More

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OPC Cautions Websites: “Tread Carefully”

(Mar 26, 2015) The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) has released its list of 10 tips for protecting children’s online privacy following an investigation that highlighted the need for “better, age-appropriate information and involvement of adults in privacy decisions.” Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien noted, “Websites targeted at young children must tread carefully.” The tips have been compiled from the findings in a few OPC investigations related to young people and their online privacy and involve... Read More

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Breach Notification Bill Inches Forward

(Mar 26, 2015) The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Trade has approved a data security and breach notification bill, which would require businesses to maintain reasonable security practices and notify consumers within 30 days of a breach, The Hill reports. Cosponsored by Reps. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Peter Welch (D-VT), the bill was approved via voice vote, but a number of amendments submitted by Democrats were rejected along party lines, the report states. A major sticking point with the bill is its preemption of state data breach standards. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy has criticized the bill, arguing it would “scale back our state’s essential safeguards against cybercrime.” Read More

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Survey: Hold CEOs Responsible for Breaches

(Mar 26, 2015) Websense has released its recent survey of 102 international security professionals from this year’s e-Crime Congress, and nearly all of them—98 percent—“believe that the law should address serious data breaches that expose consumers’ data loss through punishments such as fines, mandatory disclosure and compensation for consumers’ affected,” Firstpost reports, with 16 percent even advocating “arrest and jail sentence for the CEO or board members.” Additionally, 70 percent said CEOs “should hold ultimate responsibility should a breach arise. And the pressure is mounting, as 93 percent of all respondents believe the advent of the Internet of Things will make companies even more vulnerable to data theft,” the report states. Read More

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It’s Official: Telecoms Must Store Data

(Mar 26, 2015) International Business Times reports on the passage of Australia’s “mandatory data retention plan, bringing the contentious proposition into law on Thursday.” The Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2015, which passed by a vote of 43 to 16, “mandates the tracking of call records, assigned IP addresses, location information and billing information, among other data, and empowers security agencies to access them without a warrant,” the report states. It als... Read More

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